Portrait of a Cossack Officer

General (Ataman) Beskrovny

Dear Jack

Quite some time ago, Paul gave me a large laser color scanned print of a photo he had taken somewhere (Auction? Sale?) of an oil painting portrait of a Cossack high-ranking officer, identity unknown. Until this evening, it has languished waiting for some sort of restoration. Photoshop and the scanner have given me the capability of so doing. I did the job this evening and am attaching the results.

The photo was taken by flash, the camera being held at an angle, relative to wall on which the portrait was hung. This gave considerable perspective distortion which made the subject of the portrait appear to be very thin and rather emaciated! In addition, most areas of the image were covered with tiny white spots (like dust) and there were distracting irregularities in the upper background. In addition, the sharpness of some details left something to be desired. All of this has been pretty much corrected. I hope you like the results.

I had an idea: we might have this fine gentleman identified by publishing this portrait on the Internet - perhaps some page that is directed to Russophile collectors or historians. What think you?


After eight years, we have identified the general. Editor.

Here is biographical information on our newly identified Caucasian General - from my Professor friend at Rutgers:

General (Ataman) Beskrovny was undoubtedly a very interesting person. He grew from a Cossack to a General. Beskrovny participated in the war of 1812. For the battles of 1812-14 he received a rank of Colonel and the 4th rank Order of St. Vladimir. Beskrovny participated in 13 military campaigns and in more than a 100 battles. He was also awarded the "golden sabre with diamonds" for bravery in 1830. In the same year, Ataman (General-Major) Beskrovny was removed from his position: he was unjustly accused of bribery. It is likely that someone wanted him to be removed...

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