1900 - 1983

Yasu Kizu

Resident of Los Angeles, CA
Connoisseur and teacher of the Japanese Sword

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1900, Kizu San came to the United States in 1917 where he worked for the rest of his life and with his wife, raised a large well educated family.

Developing a strong interest in the swords of Japan at an early age he became a student of the sword, an avocation he maintained for the rest of his life. Although he had almost no formal training as a teacher of sword studies, he eventually became one of the most knowledgeable and respected students of the sword in Southern California, knowledge which he readily shared with others who were developing similar interests.

In the post war years when a strong interest in the Swords of Japan was developing in Europe and the Americas, there was very little available in English on the subject, and almost no one with any knowledge of the technical aspects of the sword, or it's rich history in Japan.

Shortly after its founding, Mr. Kizu became an active member of the Nanka Token Kai, an organization of Sword collectors in the Los Angeles area. In this role, he did much to educate many members of that organization, writing and delivering many papers on the subject and assisting members in the evaluation of their swords. These actions did much to provide substance and a framework to an art form which up to that time had largely been a total mystery to many of it's members.

The net effect of these actions did much to build bridges between the sword collectors in the Japanese comunity and those in the western groups. The efforts of Mr. Kizu, along with a few others, noteably John Yumoto and Albert Yamanaka in San Francisco and Bunpei Usui in New York, have also led to the discovery and preservation of many fine swords which were rapidly being lost through neglect, abuse and improper storage.

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