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I was checking through some previous emails and noted that I had put inaccurate information in the caption for the photo entitled 'Ivan Makarozdze'. This error has been pointed out to me in the following email. There is no doubt that the man is not a Don Cossack, but a Georgian from the province of Guria - and that his name is not Makarozdze but Markoz Jgenti. I have no way of verifying the latter contention but have no reason to believe that it is incorrect.


email received:

I just saw your webpage about Cossacks and other Russian empire subjects. I wanted to notice just one detail. The guy you have named Ivan Makarozdze as a cossack is a fellow Georgian rider in reality called Markoz Jgenti. As for Ivane Makharadze (the right spelling), he was another famous man at Buffalo Bill's show. Please have a look at this website to see who these people are. They were wrongly named Cossacks as they come from Guria, a south- western province of Georgia.

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The photo of so called Russian Cossack depicted is Luka Chkhartishvili, not Markoz Jgenti.

Irakli Makharadze
Author, Georgian Trick Riders in American Wild West Shows, 1890s-1920s

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